Become a Court Interpreter

Current basic requirements for Nevada Court Interpreter Certification or Registration include:

  • Complete the Orientation Workshop for Interpreters in the NV Courts System.
    • This is an online virtual workshop that provides an introduction to Court Interpreting. You will learn the modes of interpreting in a legal setting, an overview of the NV Judicial System, along with Ethics and Code of Conduct for interpreters.
  • Pass the NV Certified Court Interpreter Written Test with a minimum score of 80%.
    • This is a 2 hour and 15-minute, 135 multiple choice exam that tests your general language proficiency, knowledge of court-related terms & usage, and ethics & professional conduct.
  • Pass the NV Certified Court Interpreter Oral Examination with a minimum score of 70%.
    • This is a 4-part Oral Exam that lasts approximately 1 hour. It tests your Sight Translation skills of the target foreign language into English and English into the Foreign Language followed by a Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting skills test.
  • OR; Pass the NV Registered Court Interpreter Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) with a minimum score of Advanced Mid.
    • A Registered Interpreter is an interpreter for whom either no oral examination has been developed by the Council of Language Access Coordinators (CLAC) or no oral examination has been offered in his/her particular language.
  • Submit the Court Interpreter Certification Request Forms with:

Reciprocity is for interpreters who are already certified in another state or federally certified. Current basic requirements for Reciprocity Certification or Registration include:

Conditionally Approved Status Interpreters are called for work “only when there is a finding of a lack of a credentialed resource on the record.” Current basic requirements for Conditionally Approved Interpreter Status include:

Please refer to the State Court Administrator Guidelines for additional information.

Mail completed forms to:
Court Interpreter Program
Attn: Accounting Unit
201 S. Carson St. Suite: 250
Carson City, NV 89701

Educational Providers that offer Court Interpreter Courses:

Self Study Resources:

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