Administrative Division Overview

The Administrative Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts is charged with three distinct areas of responsibility in support of the work of the Supreme Court and the AOC:


The primary responsibility of the Budgets and Finance Unit is to assist the Nevada Supreme Court and its subsidiary divisions in planning, preparing and implementing a budget that is consistent with the goals of the Nevada Supreme Court and to provide for a complete accounting of its resources and expenditures. The unit is also responsible for providing guidance to Nevada's courts in implementing and complying with generally accepted financial principles and minimum financial and administrative/accounting control standards established by the court, and their methods used in the processing, collecting, recording and remittance of state fines and administrative assessments.


The primary responsibility of the Audit Unit is to perform audits of the judiciary and its programs. The judicial branch auditors are responsible for monitoring the Nevada courts' procedural implementation and compliance with the Minimum Accounting Standards.

The judicial branch auditors function as independent appraisers who examine and evaluate activities of the judiciary as a service to management. The role of the judicial branch auditors is to promote a high level of public trust in the judiciary by providing a professional, independent, and objective review of judicial business functions.

Human Resources:  

This primary responsibility of the Human Resources Unit is to assist the Court with all personnel issues, including employee relations, recruitment  and selection, classification, position control, evaluations, training and development, payroll, benefits administration, personnel policies and procedures, and Financial Disclosure Statements for the Court.

Personnel of the Administrative Division


Manager of Budgets: Todd Myler, (775) 684-1716
Accountant: Casandra Vanzura, (775) 684-1708
Accounting Asst.: Elaine Miller, (775) 684-1718


Audit Manager: Brandi Jinkerson, (702) 486-9331

Human Resources:

Emily Kuhlman, Director of Human Resources:  (775) 684-1711
Esteban Lopez: HR Analyst/Payroll, (775) 684-1709
Kara Sullivan: HR Analyst III, (775) 684-1744
Keyna Jones: Judicial Payroll Manager, (775) 684-1714