Judicial Programs and Services Division Overview

The Judicial Programs & Services (JPS) Division develops and implements statewide projects, programs, education, and goals for the Supreme Court of Nevada through the Administrative Office of the Courts. In doing so, JPS provides assistance, direction, and guidance to the trial courts of Nevada.

  • Court Services is dedicated to improving the quality of justice and court services to meet the diverse needs of Nevada citizenry. It includes the Court Improvement Program (CIP), Court Interpreter Program, Secretariat, Rural Court Coordinator, and Specialty Court Program.
    • The Court Improvement Program enables the courts and agencies involved in the child welfare system to develop systemic, statewide changes to significantly improve the processing of child welfare cases while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws regarding child dependency and child welfare matters.
    • The Court Interpreter Program provides interpreter support and certification services to the trial courts of Nevada.
    • The Rural Courts Coordinator provides specialized assistance to Nevada's rural courts to address the unique needs of the 15 rural counties. 
  • The Guardianship Compliance Office provides additional services to Nevada District Courts during the administration of guardianship services. 
  • Judicial Education promotes the competency and professionalism of the Nevada judiciary and staff through a comprehensive system of continuing education and training.
  • Research & Statistics provides quantitative research, evaluation, and analysis for the Nevada judiciary.
  • Secretariat provides support to varied commissions and committees of the judiciary that improve the quality of justice in Nevada.