Commissions and Committees Overview

A Study Committee or Commission may be established in response to the Nevada Supreme Court’s concerns about a specific issue or challenge to the judiciary; for example, standardized policies and procedures concerning the retention of court records or adequate legal representation for indigent defendants. At times issues are reviewed to better help the judiciary manage its affairs.

In some instances a commission is mandated through the Nevada Constitution such as the Judicial Selection Commission or the Article 6 Commission which is named after the portion of the Nevada Constitution that established the Nevada court system. The Article 6 Commission addresses such matters as the establishment of all judgeships in the state, terms of office and the election process, judicial compensation, selection and service of the chief justice, appointment of judges when there is a mid-term vacancy, and the system of judicial oversight through the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Requests are received through legal and judicial associations including:

  • Judicial Council of the State of Nevada
  • Nevada District Judges Association
  • Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction
  • State Bar of Nevada

The Supreme Court will occasionally receive a request from the Legislature to form a study group on a particular topic.