Governmental Outreach Documents and Forms

The Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), documents the work and accomplishments of the Nevada judiciary through reports, strategic plans, and statistics of judicial workload and outcomes. The following materials have been created by the various AOC units, departments, and divisions:

Access to Administrative Records

Court Improvement Program Reports

Court Interpreter Program

Court Security

Judicial Council

Research & Statistics Unit  

The primary role of the Research and Statistics Unit is to analyze caseload statistics to provide insight into judicial workload trends and accomplishments. Past research has reviewed efforts to make Nevada courts accessible and fair, the impact of statutes and procedures on the workload of the courts, and the performance of the criminal justice system.

Since 1999, the Research and Statistics Unit (RSU), has assisted Nevada’s judiciary in reporting caseload measurements based on the Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR).  This information provided in the USJR statistics is used by the Executive and Legislative Branches to understand the work and accomplishments of the Judicial Branch.

Specialty Courts