Information Technology Overview

Information Technology Mission

Maintain an educated group of professionals who will realize and implement emerging technologies for a better future for the Nevada Judicial Branch.

Information Technology Vision

The Information Technology Division of the Nevada Supreme Court strives to be a high performance team providing quality business solutions to the Judicial Branch.

Trial Court Analysis Team

The Trial Court Analysis Team has the responsibility to research, analyze, document, recommend, implement, ensure quality, and train technology services that meet the needs of the Nevada trial courts. In addition to analyzing enhancements for the Nevada Court System state-sponsored case management system, this team also conducts business analysis on proposed initiatives, manages technology projects, conducts system analysis, develops test scripts, and ensures documentation is complete before transitioning services to the Trial Court Support Team and/or the Infrastructure Team. Analysts are subject matter experts and advocate to the court community. They serve as liaisons with partners, vendors, internal developers, and system administrators. Analysts create training plans and materials and are the primary instructors for advanced topics regarding the Nevada Court System.

Trial Court Support Team

The Trial Court Support Team ensures information systems are operational, provides technical support and training to end-users, updates application configurations, maintains code tables, and adds users and partners to existing services. The Business Support Specialists perform operational and maintenance tasks for enterprise information systems and are responsible for ensuring systems are operating as expected and troubleshooting application problems as well as providing first and second tier support to end-users. Business Support Specialists maintain end-user documentation and develop support documentation while also assisting the Trial Court Analysis Team with end-user training coordination and materials. The Trial Court Support Team may also provide basic application training to individuals or small groups.

Infrastructure Support Team

The Infrastructure group is responsible for all aspects of the computing environment at the Court.  The group is responsible for network operations, servers, PCs, phone systems, printers, copiers, scanners, Help Desk, and network backup.  The Infrastructure group is also responsible for a safe, secure, easy-to-use, and reliable computing environment for the Court.  The Infrastructure group works along side the Trial Courts and EITS in supporting network connectivity throughout the State of Nevada.

Application Support Team

The Application Support Team supports the information technology needs of the Appellate Courts of Nevada, through the delivery of services that meet the customers’ requirements, within budget, delivered on time and within scope.  This includes employing several project and support management processes such as project prioritization, requirements management, and application portfolio management.

Web Services Team

The Web Services Team is responsible for the form, fit and functionality of the Appellate Courts of Nevada Public Website and the Intranet Website. Working with all Nevada Judicial Courts within the State of Nevada, we strive to deliver the highest quality and most up-to-date product for the Appellate Courts of Nevada in providing access to justice for the general public. The Appellate Courts of Nevada website will allow all users the ability in all regions of Nevada to access our website with a discernible amount of speed and reliability. Through working with the Nevada Judicial Court system, the Web Services Team strives to deliver quality information and services in an efficient, effective manner while keeping today's most widely used technologies in mind.