Audit Unit Overview

The primary responsibility of the Audit Unit is to perform audits of the judiciary and its programs. The judicial branch auditors are responsible for monitoring the Nevada courts' procedural implementation and compliance with the Minimum Accounting Standards.

The judicial branch auditors function as independent appraisers who examine and evaluate activities of the judiciary as a service to management. The role of the judicial branch auditors is to promote a high level of public trust in the judiciary by providing a professional, independent, and objective review of judicial business functions.

Contact Information

Audit Unit
Administrative Office of the Courts
Supreme Court of Nevada
408 East Clark Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101-6204

Phone Number: (702) 486-9330, (702) 486-9331, or (702) 486-9332

Fax Number: (702) 486-3733
Email: Audit Unit Email