Senior Judge Program Overview

Article 6, Section 19 of the Nevada Constitution grants authority to the Chief Justice, as the administrative head of the Nevada court system to “recall to active service any retired justice or judge of the court system who consents to such recall and who has not been removed or retired for cause or defeated for retention in office” and to assign both senior and district judges to assist in other judicial districts.

The Supreme Court, through the Administrative Office of the Courts, shall administer the Senior Judge Program to help ensure timely justice in Nevada’s Supreme Court and District Courts. The goal of the program is to enhance access to justice by assisting with cases that cannot be covered by a sitting District Judge.

Senior Judges are often appointed to handle a single case or multiple cases when a sitting judge is unable to preside for a variety of reasons such as illness, judicial education, judicial vacancy, or recusal. Senior Judges may also be assigned to assist in addressing caseloads in courts that experience heavy court activity.

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