Community Improvement Council Highlights


The Nevada Community Improvement Councils (CICs) are judicial districts with a platform/forum for the ongoing identification of strengths, creating collaborative systems and opportunities as they pertain to child welfare outcomes. CICs identify barriers to timely permanency, adoption, and Termination of Parental Rights. CICs develop and implement solutions to these barriers in its locale. Furthermore, CICs are leadership structures with a collaborative approach that engage dependency stakeholders with broad representation. These leadership councils include justices, judges, parent attorneys, children attorneys, child welfare representatives, prosecutors, and educational partners. The Court Improvement Program encourages CICs to expand its leadership councils by seeking stakeholders with diverse backgrounds/perspectives, community partners, and tribal legal stakeholders. All of Nevada’s 11 judicial districts have administered a CIC. These CICs continuously meet and discuss issues and successes relevant to children's welfare and court dependency.