Research & Statistics Unit Overview

The Research & Statistics Unit is part of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), Supreme Court of Nevada. The main responsibility of this unit is to research, plan, implement, and maintain a statewide system of trial court statistics, known as the Uniform System for Judicial Records, which was initially implemented in 1999.

The Uniform System for Judicial Records (USJR) enables the collection and compilation of consistent statistical information concerning the filing and resolution of cases in Nevada trial courts. This information is used to enhance the administration of justice in Nevada . The statistics collected are also used as an analysis and planning resource for the Nevada Judicial Branch.

Nevada Statistics

Caseload statistics grouped by judicial district can be accessed by clicking on the interactive map below. Click the appropriate county or judicial district to access the information for that area.

NV District Map - 11 Districts

Image MapWashoe CountyHumboldt CountyElko CountyPershing CountyLander CountyEureka CountyWhite Pine CountyLincoln CountyClark CountyNye CountyEsmeralda CountyMineral CountyChurchill CountyLyon CountyLyon CountyDouglas CountyDouglas CountyCarson CityCarson CityStorey CountyStorey County

Statistical Data

Statistics from the Nevada Judiciary are received monthly and reported on a fiscal year basis (July to June) by publishing the Annual Report of the Nevada Judiciary. At present, the Research and Statistics Unit collects summary statistical data from the trial courts for filings, charges, and dispositions by case type. The AOC does not collect data regarding specific cases within the trial court system. Questions regarding specific cases should be directed to the trial court in which the case is, or was, being processed. (Find Nevada Courts)

Data Requests

Data published by the Research & Statistics Unit and its appendices may be provided in other formats to the public through a written request to the Research & Statistics Unit. Where possible, please indicate which annual report tables contain the information and for which fiscal year(s) the information is requested. Please describe the requested data in detail, including the name of the court(s) and the time period of the data. Please also note the desired date of receipt for any requests. Requests can be emailed to

Continually Improving Statistical Data

Since 2007, the Nevada Judiciary has worked hard to provide more detailed statistics for all of the cases heard and resolved in Nevada. Through the many challenges this project overcame, the Nevada Judiciary was been driven by the desire to provide Nevada citizens and policymakers an opportunity to see the work of Nevada courts. Since fiscal year 2009, the Research and Statistics Unit has published detailed statistical information in the Annual Report Appendix, beginning with criminal case information.  In fiscal year 2013, the family and juvenile detailed statistics were made available, and in fiscal year 2015, the Research and Statistics Unit began reporting detailed case type and disposition information for civil cases.

These detailed statistics continue to fulfill the Supreme Court’s efforts for a more open and transparent justice system for the citizens of Nevada. In addition, these statistics will assist the Supreme Court in working with policy makers to identify and address issues within the justice system; helping to ensure more access to justice.

Other Research

In addition to assisting courts in using and maintaining the USJR statistics, the Research & Statistics Unit also performs various studies, research projects, and committee work that aid the Supreme Court and Nevada's trial courts. Projects are performed at the request of the Supreme Court and occasionally for the Legislature. Some recent project areas studied have been access and fairness of the Nevada Judiciary, administrative assessments, cost per case, felony and gross misdemeanors in justice and district courts, conviction rates, child dependency, and judicial mileage.

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