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The Nevada Judiciary interprets laws and provides an unbiased check on the Executive and Legislative branches. The Nevada Judiciary has the responsibility to provide impartial, efficient, and accessible dispute resolution in legal matters. The Nevada Supreme Court is the highest court in the Nevada judicial system. With the district, justice, and municipal trial courts organized in 11 judicial districts (covering 17 counties), the Nevada Judicial system constitutes the third branch of government.

Appellate Courts

District Courts

Justice Courts

Municipal Courts

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is Nevada’s highest court with a primary responsibility to review and rule on appeals from District Court cases. The court does not conduct fact-finding trials; rather, the justices determine if legal or procedural errors were committed during the case on appeal.

Court of Appeals

The three-judges of the Court of Appeals hear roughly one-third of all cases submitted to the Supreme Court in a deflective model. Supreme Court review of Court of Appeals decisions is discretionary.


The Supreme Court of Nevada and the Nevada Court of Appeals are located in Carson City, with a courtroom in Las Vegas.

Carson City

201 South Carson Street, Suite 201,Carson City, Nevada, 89701-4780

Las Vegas

408 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101-4088