Trial Court Technology Overview

The Nevada Civil/Criminal Justice Systems (NCCJS) is comprised of independent courts using different case management systems. The Nevada Administrative Office of the Courts Trial Court Technology Support Unit supports a state sponsored case management system, currently called CourtView that is used by 33 of the courts within Nevada. For more information regarding the state sponsored case management system, please contact the Trial Court Service Desk at (775) 687-9898 or The state sponsored system and the other systems used by courts not participating on the Nevada Court System (NCS), interact daily with multiple justice agencies with their own independent systems both supported and influenced by various technology departments.

In the case when civil/criminal justice system networks are already in place, NCCJS aims to provide an avenue for standardized policies and procedures needed for data sharing. When this avenue does not exist critical areas are affected. These critical areas include the following:

  • There are delays in the civil/criminal justice process 
  • Electronic business practices, such as public access to reliable and up-to-date case information is delayed 
  • Conducting business on-line, such as e-filing and e-payments are hindered 
  • Public trust and confidence is lost