Commission to Study the Adjudication of Water Law Cases Members

Justice Ron Parraguirre, Supreme Court, Commission Chair

Melissa Flatley, Nevada Division of Water Resources Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Jason King, Practicing Water Rights Engineer/Hydrologist

Rick Felling, Practicing Water Rights Engineer/Hydrologist

John Entsminger, Urban Municipal Water Purveyor

John R. Zimmerman, Esq., Urban Municipal Water Purveyor

Jeff Fontaine, Esq., Rural Water Interests/Water District

Laura Schroeder, Esq., Rural Water Interests/Water District

Bevan Lister, Agricultural

Tom Baker, Agricultural

Rusty Jardine, Esq., Irrigation Districts

Bert Bryan, Irrigation Districts

Ross de Lipkau, Esq., Mining

Allen Biaggi, Mining

Kyle Roerink, Environmental/NGOs

Karen Peterson, Esq., Practicing Water Rights Attorney/Rural Counties

Oscar (Oz) Wichman, Rural Counties

Christopher W. Mixson, Esq., Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, Inc.

Paul G. Taggart, Esq., Practicing Water Rights Attorney/Domestic Wells

Gordon H. DePaoli, Esq., Practicing Water Law Attorney

Judge Kathleen Drakulich, Washoe County

Judge John P. Schlegelmilch, Lyon County

Judge Gary Fairman, White Pine County

Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez, Clark County

Jon  McMasters, Walker River Paiute Tribe