Record Request Quick Guide

Quick Guide to Public Access to Administrative Records

The Nevada Supreme Court’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is committed to transparency and open government.  We take each public records request seriously.  We look forward to facilitating your request within the constraints of the AOC’s jurisdiction and resources.

Available Records

The AOC only handles administrative records.  See the Court’s Policy on Public Access to Administrative Records available on the Court’s website for a detailed breakdown on what records are available.

The AOC does not create, handle, or store any:

  • Court procedural documents, filings, indexes, dockets, registers of actions, records of proceedings, orders, decrees, judgments, schedules, agendas, minutes; nor,
  • Case documents such as divorce, family, criminal, civil case, or traffic records at any court level (appellate, district, justice, or municipal court). Please contact the court where those records may have been filed.

Access to, and requests for, administrative records, documents, communications, and reports under the custody or control of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)  are governed by the AOC’s Policy on Public Access to Administrative Records

Records Request

  • Records requests must include sufficient detail to identify what public record is being sought.
  • Once received, the AOC has 5 judicial days to acknowledge your request. AOC staff may contact you to obtain more information.
  • Once acknowledged, additional time may be required to process your request.
  • AOC is not required to conduct research, complete checklists, answer legal questions, create indexes, list or compile data or documents, change document formatting, transpose or manipulate data, or reorganize existing information to create a new type of record not maintained by the AOC in the ordinary course of business.

Record Format

  • All requested documents will be provided electronically if possible.
  • The AOC is not required to provide any record in an electronic format if the record was not created or prepared in an electronic format, nor to convert one electronic format to another, nor to provide software to translate data/document into a format usable by the requestor.

Fees and Service Costs

Prior to process, an estimate of charges, if any, will be provided and prepayment may be required.

Costs for research and/or document preparation:

  • $ 20 per hour, quarter-hour increments ($5/15 min.), for clerical staff.
  • $ 60 per hour, quarter-hour increments ($15/15 min.), for professional staff review if necessary.
  • Pass through charge if an outside or third-party is required to facilitate your request.
  • Hard copies:   $.50 per page.
  • Postage:  actual/pass through, postage & packaging.

All questions and request must be directed to:

Records Official
Administrative Office of the Courts
201 Carson Street, Suite 250
Carson City, NV 89701

Updated 020323