Published by CIP | December 22, 2022
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Nevada’s Court Improvement Program was selected by the Capacity Building Center for Courts and the Children’s Bureau to be one of the 12 Judicial, Court, and Attorney Measures of Performance (JCAMP) implementation sites. The JCAMP project developed this set of performance measures to help the field understand and improve child welfare court practices. The targeted audience includes individuals (e.g., judges, attorneys, court administrators) and organizations (e.g., Court Improvement Programs, attorney organizations) with an interest in improving child welfare court practices. Measures may be especially useful to those who make decisions about data collection and use for child welfare court and systems improvement. Most importantly, it will improve the lives of children and families involved with the child welfare and court systems.

The JCAMP performance measures focus on:

  • Court process measures: What happens in the court process, including before, during, and after court
  • Professional practice measures: The activities judges and attorneys perform
  • Family experience measures: How families experience and perceive the child welfare court system

The JCAMP performance measures are designed to track practice over time—in the spirit of continuous quality improvement for the State of Nevada’s child welfare court process. JCAMP Implementation will start January 2023.