Commission on Judicial Selection Nominates Finalists for Clark County Judicial Position

LAS VEGAS, NV, February 9, 2023 – Today, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection forwarded the names of three nominees to Governor Lombardo for appointment to fill the judicial vacancy in the Eighth Judicial District Court, Dept. 29. The Commission convened over the last two days to interview nominees for Departments 7 and C, and will reconvene tomorrow to interview 11 more applicants for Departments N and O.

Department 29 was made vacant by the retirement of the Honorable David Jones. There were eight applicants to fill this vacancy. The Commission nominated the following applicants:

Douglas HedgerMr. Douglas Hedger

Jacob ReynoldsMr. Jacob Reynolds

Trent RichardsMr. Trent Richards

Nevada attorneys at least 25 years old, with 10 years of legal experience, and two years of Nevada legal practice and residency were eligible to apply.

Governor Lombardo has thirty days to select an appointee from the names provided by the Commission, by March 10, 2023. To serve the entirety of the term, the appointed judge is required to file as a candidate in the November 2024 general election. The current term for all district court judges in Nevada, expires January 4, 2027.


About the Commission on Judicial Selection

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection is composed of seven permanent
members and two temporary members for each selection - the Supreme Court Chief Justice, three non-attorneys appointed by the Governor, and three attorneys appointed by the State Bar of Nevada. Neither the Governor nor the State Bar may appoint more than two permanent members from the same political party, and cannot appoint two members from the same county. During each Commission’s Selection process, two temporary members are appointed by the Governor and State Bar respectively. Temporary Commissions expire at the conclusion of each selection process.

To view the public portions of the judicial application or for more information on the Commission on Judicial Selection, please visit the Commission's webpage at

About the Nevada Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Nevada is the highest court of the Nevada Judicial branch. There are seven Justices on the court who serve six-year terms, with one Justice serving as Chief Justice. To learn more about Nevada’s judicial branch, visit

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