The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection (Commission) will begin accepting applications for the Second Judicial District Court, Department 8, seat on Jan. 9. The Commission will accept applications until 5 p.m. on Feb. 3. The vacancy follows the appointment of Lidia S. Stiglich to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The appointment process is open to all Nevada attorneys with 10 years of legal experience, including two years in Nevada. The application for this vacancy will be available on Jan. 9 at Applications may be submitted to the Administration Office of the Courts (AOC) according to application instructions. Applications filed late or incomplete will be rejected.

Interviews to fill the vacant position are scheduled for the week of March 13, at the Nevada Supreme Court in Carson City, and will be open to the public.

The applications, with the exceptions of medical records and personal identification information, can be viewed at a few days following the application deadline. The Commission invites written public comments about the qualifications of the applicants. Letters may remain confidential if requested by the letter writer. However, the contents of the letters may be discussed with the applicant during executive session of the Commission. Anonymous letters may not be considered at the discretion of the Commissioners.

Following the application deadline, the Commission will conduct background investigations and interview each of the applicants. The Commission will then deliberate and nominate three finalists, whose names will be submitted to Governor Brian Sandoval for the appointment.

The Commission is composed of seven permanent members – the Supreme Court Chief Justice, three non-attorneys appointed by the Governor, and three attorneys appointed by the State Bar of Nevada. Neither the Governor nor the State Bar may appoint more than two permanent members from the same political party, and cannot appoint two members from the same county. For District Court vacancies, two temporary members are appointed from the judicial district where the vacancy occurs – a non-attorney by the Governor and an attorney by the State Bar – bringing the Commission membership to nine.