A total of 16 individuals have applied for two open judicial seats in the Eighth Judicial District Court.

This afternoon, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection announced 8 applications for consideration to fill an open seat in Dept. 10 created by the retirement of Judge Jessie Walsh.
A total of 8 individuals submitted applications for the Dept. 18 vacancy created by the retirement of Judge David Barker.

The applicants for the Dept. 10 open seat are:

  • Michael F. Bohn, 57, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Terrance Allen Coffing, 52, Las Vegas, attorney
  • George Edward Cromer, 56, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Tierra Danielle Jones, 35, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Anat R. Levy, 55, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Craig A. Mueller, 56, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Esther C. Rodriguez, 51, Las Vegas, attorney
  • David Allen Stephens, 61, Las Vegas, attorney

The applicants for the Dept. 18 open seat are:

  • Karl Wesley Armstrong, 58, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Soonhee Bailey, 46, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Mark B. Bailus, 64, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Mark L. Gentile, 57, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Shannon D. Nordstrom, 43, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Jay P. Raman, 38, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Berna Rhodes-Ford, 45, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Phillip Nelson Smith, Jr., 40, Las Vegas, attorney

Nevada attorneys with 10 years of legal experience and two years of Nevada residency were encouraged to apply for the openings. According to recently amended Commission rules, applicants could only apply for only one judicial department, could not apply for both open judicial seats, and are unable to switch departments after submission.

The Commission will now direct background investigations, accept public comment, and interview each of the applicants. The final selection of judges will be made by Governor Brian Sandoval.

The applications, with the exceptions of confidential information such as medical records and personal identification information, may be viewed on the Supreme Court website at: http://bit.ly/NVJudicialSelection. Interviews to fill the vacant position are scheduled for the week of April 10, at the Nevada Supreme Court in Las Vegas, 408 East Clark Ave., and will be open to the public.

The Commission invites written public comments about the applicant qualifications. Commission rules allow letters to remain confidential if requested by the letter writer. However, the Commission may discuss the contents of the letter with the applicant during executive session. Anonymous letters may not be considered at the discretion of the Commissioners.

Submit written comments regarding the applicants by 5 p.m. on March 17 to: 

Ms. Robin Sweet
Secretary, Commission on Judicial Selection
Nevada Supreme Court
201 S. Carson St., Suite 250
Carson City, Nevada, 89701

Once the interviews are complete, the Commission will consider and recommend three finalists, whose names will be submitted to Governor Brian Sandoval for the appointment.

Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection

The Commission is composed of seven permanent members – the Supreme Court Chief Justice, three non-attorneys appointed by the Governor, and three attorneys appointed by the State Bar of Nevada. Neither the Governor nor the State Bar may appoint more than two permanent members from the same political party, and cannot appoint two members from the same county.

Commission Members:

  • Justice Michael A. Cherry, Carson City, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Chair (Constitutional appointee)
  • Valerie Cooney, Carson City, past executive director, Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans (State Bar appointee)
  • Jeffrey Gilbert, Henderson, veteran gaming executive (Governor appointee)
  • Jesse Gutierrez, Sparks, former executive director, Nevada Hispanic Services (Governor appointee)
  • Gregory Kamer, Esq., Las Vegas, attorney, Kramer Zuker Abbott (State Bar appointee)
  • Jasmine Mehta, Esq., Reno, Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners (State Bar appointee)
  • Leslie Williams, Schurz, administrative assistant for Washoe County Senior Services (Governor appointee)

For District Court vacancies, two temporary members are appointed from the judicial district where the vacancy occurs – a non-attorney by the Governor and an attorney by the State Bar – bringing the Commission membership to nine.

Temporary Commission Members:

  • Peter Guzman, Las Vegas, president, Latin Chamber of Commerce, Nevada, Inc., (Governor appointee)
  • Trevor L. Atkin, Las Vegas, owner/partner, Atkin Winner & Sherrod (State Bar appointee)