Committee to Study Child Custody Reform

Status: Concluded Via ADKT 0530

Years  Active: 2017-2021

Mission: To Study Nevada's pretrial release systems and examine alternatives and improvements through evidence-based practices and current risk assessment tools.

Through ADKT 0530 the Nevada Supreme Court has created the Committee to Study Child Custody to study and make recommendations deemed appropriate to propose legislative reform of child custody matters. The Nevada Supreme Court appointed Justice Lidia Stiglich, as chair of the Committee and constituted the Committee with the other committee members. The committee shall make its recommendations for legislative reform of child custody matters within 90 days of the selection of the committee members.

ustice Lidia Stiglich, Chair

Gary Silverman, Family Law Executive Council

Sean Meador, Family Law Executive Council

Katherine Provost, Family Law Executive Council

Vincent Mayo, Family Law Executive Council

Jack Fleeman, Family Law Executive Council

April Green, Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

Caryn Sternlicht, Washoe Legal Services

Cynthia Lu, District Judge (Northern Nevada)

Bryce Duckworth, District Judge (Southern Nevada)