Commission to Study the Statutes and Rules of the Commission on Judicial Discipline

Status: Concluded Via ADKT 0582

Years  Active: 2021-2023

Mission:  To study and make recommendations concerning the Nevada procedural and substantive statutes and rules of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.

The Nevada Supreme Court convened the Commission to Study the Statutes and Rules of the Commission on Judicial Discipline and Update the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct on August 13, 2021. Under the chairmanship of Justice Ron Parraguirre and the vice-chairmanship of Senior Justice James W. Hardesty, the Commission studied and made recommendations concerning the procedural and substantive statutes and rules of the Commission on judicial discipline. Additionally, the Commission compiled statistics relating to the work of the Commission on Judicial Discipline for consideration by the Nevada Legislature. The Commission's membership was comprised of experienced legal professionals and members of the Nevada judiciary from across the state. The commission has concluded its work.

The Honorable Ron Parraguirre,  Chairman

Nevada Supreme Court

The Honorable James Hardesty,   Vice-Chairman

Nevada Supreme Court Senior Justice

The Honorable David Hardy                                       The Honorable Tammy Riggs

District Judge                                                                    District Judge

Second Judicial District Court, Dept. 15                     Second Judicial District Court, Dept. 3

The Honorable Mark Denton                                      The Honorable T. Arthur Ritchie Jr.

District Judge                                                                   District Judge

Eighth Judicial District Court, Dept. 13                       Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Division, Dept. H

The Honorable Tom Stockard                                     The Honorable Kevin Higgins

District Judge                                                                    Justice of the Peace

Tenth Judicial District Court                                         Sparks Justice Court, Dept. 2

The Honorable Richard Glasson                                 The Honorable Samuel Gregory Bateman

Justice of the Peace                                                         Justice of the Peace

Tahoe Justice Court                                                         Henderson Justice Court, Dept. 1

The Honorable Elana Graham                                     The Honorable Ann Zimmerman

Justice of the Peace                                                        Justice of the Peace

Las Vegas Justice Court, Dept. 1                                 Las Vegas Justice Court, Dept. 8

The Honorable Gene Drakulich                                  The Honorable Bert Brown

Municipal Court Judge                                                   Municipal Court Judge

Reno Municipal Court, Dept. 1                                   Las Vegas Justice Court, Dept. 8

Ms. Lyn Beggs, Esq.                                                         Mr. Dennis Kennedy, Esq.

Northern Nevada                                                             Southern Nevada