Compensation and benefits overview

The chart below shows total compensation when benefits and leave are added to the base salary.

Type of compensation

Calculation Rate

Annual Amount Compensated

Annual salary:

(2,088 hours includes annual, sick, and holiday hours)

$30/hour x 2,088 hours

Subtotal: $62,640.00

Value of leave earned:

Annual leave (15 days)

Sick leave (15 days)

Holidays (12 days)

$30/hour x 120 hours

$30/hour x 120 hours

$30/hour x 96 hours





Other Employer-Paid Benefits:

Medical, Dental, Prescription and Vision Coverage as well as Basic Life Insurance (PEBP)*

Retirement Contribution (PERS)*

$685.44/month x 12

17.5% of annual salary




Total Compensation:

(Annual salary and other employer-paid benefits)


Total: $91,907.28

Benefits as a percentage of total compensation:

*Plan dependent