Legacy of Justice Award

The awarding of the 2013 Legacy of Justice Award to Las Vegas Municipal Judge Cedric Kerns marks the fifth time the Supreme Court has presented the Award.  

Judge Kerns is the first Municipal Court judge to receive the honor.

The first recipient of the Legacy of Justice Award in 2009 was former Supreme Court Justice Robert Rose, who was a court reform advocate during his three terms on the Supreme Court.

The second award was presented to two former District Court judges – Eighth Judicial District Judge Jack Lehman and Second Judicial District Judge Peter Breen – for their pioneering work in establishing Nevada’s first two Drug Courts.

The 2011 recipient was retired Justice Cliff Young for his efforts to streamline Nevada’s justice system.  Justice Young was one of the creators of the criminal appeal “Fast Track” program and was the driving force behind the highly successful Nevada Court Annexed Arbitration Program and Supreme Court Settlement Program.

The 2012 recipient was retired Justice Miriam Shearing, who was the first woman elected Justice of the Peace in Clark County, first woman elected District Court Judge in Nevada, and the first woman elected to the Nevada Supreme Court.  She also was the first woman to serve as Chief Justice.