Codes of Conduct

A fair and independent court system is essential to the administration of justice, and a necessary part of that system is the proper conduct by judges and judicial employees who inspire public confidence and trust in Nevada's judiciary.

For justices and judges, Nevada relies on the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, which is based on a Model Code of Judicial Conduct adopted by the American Bar Association. It details specific rules for how a judicial officer should conduct themselves.

The Model Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees provides guidance and was approved by the Judicial Council of the State of Nevada for use by Courts in Nevada. Contractors and other non-employees who serve the judiciary are not covered by this Code, but appointing authorities may impose these or similar ethical standards on such non-employees, as deemed appropriate.

To further the explanation of the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, Nevada judges rely on opinions offered by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.