Jury Service

Jury Appreciation Day

Thomas Jefferson called jury service “the anchor that secures our democracy; the ultimate safeguard of our Constitutional rights.”

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Jury service is a fundamental honor we have as citizens and the bulwark of our justice system. In honoring the excellent service and commitment of citizens who perform jury duty, we hope to reinforce public confidence in the justice system, improve communication with jurors and employers, and disseminate an important and positive message about jury service. We also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all employers who support the jury system by paying their employees for jury service.

The right to a jury of our peers is a core value of American citizenship and our judiciary relies on citizen jurors to serve as volunteers. The Nevada Judiciary is committed to ensuring the responsibility of jury service is shared by everyone equally and that a fair cross section of the community is called for jury duty.

The right of trial by jury guarantees the rights of citizens on trial to receive a fair hearing. It is like so many other American rights, but it comes with responsibility. Individuals called to jury service must be willing to perform their duty.

Jury service is a fundamental honor we have as citizens. Individuals called to jury service can find specific information at the District Courts.