5 Attorneys Apply to Fill Vacancy in the First Judicial District

November 20, 2023

Chief Justice Lidia Stiglich announced this afternoon the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection received 5 applications from individuals who wish to fill the judicial opening in Department 2 of the First Judicial District Court.

This Commission will nominate a panel of three to fill the vacancy. Department 2 is vacant through the resignation of the Honorable James Wilson in early January of next year. The applicants in alphabetical order are as follows:

First Judicial District, Department 2



City of Residence


Job Title

Thomas Raymond Armstrong


Carson City

Carson City Justice and Municipal Court

Justice of the Peace

Amber Handy


Carson City

Handy Legal Services PC


Mark Krueger


Carson City

State of Nevada, Office of the Nevada Attorney General

Chief Deputy Attorney General and Consumer General

Kristin N. Luis


Carson City

Carson City Justice and Municipal Court

Justice of the Peace

Marcie Elizabeth Ryba


Carson City

State of Nevada-Department of Indigent Defense Services

Executive Director

Nevada attorneys with 10 years of legal experience, including two years of Nevada practice, were encouraged to apply for the opening.  Interviews to fill this vacancy are scheduled for December 7, 2023, in Carson City. The interviews will be streamed live through the Supreme Court’s YouTube channel and are open to the public. After the interviews, the Commission will nominate three finalists to Governor Joe Lombardo.

The Commission is composed of seven permanent members – the Supreme Court Chief Justice, three non-attorneys appointed by the Governor, and three attorneys appointed by the State Bar of Nevada. Neither the Governor nor the State Bar may appoint more than two permanent members from the same political party and cannot appoint two members from the same county. For District Court vacancies, two temporary members are appointed from the judicial district where the vacancy occurs – a non-attorney by the Governor and an attorney by the State Bar – bringing the Commission membership to nine.