Accessing Supreme Court of Nevada Case Information


The Nevada Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have established a cost-free Public Portal allowing access to all recent court documents.

The Pubic Portal screen, also known as Appellate Case Management System, will ask for Case Number (top left) or you can provide a Case Caption (usually the named parties in the case).  You also may conduct a Participant Search, by typing in a Last Name, or Company/Organization name.

Under Case Search, if you don’t have the case number, key in the name one or more of the parties in the Caption Contains text box (hint: sometimes simpler is better).  This will return a case or a list of cases.  If more than one case appears, click on the one you want.  A list of all documents in the case will appear.  Click on the number at the right of the document you wish to read.  This will access a PDF of the document, which you may open, save, or print.

If the case you seek is a closed case, be sure to uncheck the Exclude Closed Case checkbox on the Public Portal search page (the one asking for case number or caption).


All Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions are posted on the Appellate Court’s website.  

Precedent-setting Advance Opinions are released only on Thursdays.  On the preceding Wednesday, a list will be posted of opinions planned for release under the heading of Forthcoming Opinions.

There is no guarantee that every advance opinion listed as forthcoming will be published as indicated.  On rare occasions, the publishing of an Advance Opinion may be delayed at the last minute for administrative reasons.

Some weeks, no opinions will be issued. 

Most cases are decided by Unpublished Orders, which may be released on any day. Access the Supreme Court Unpublished Orders. Access the Court of Appeals Unpublished Orders.