ADKT 0598: In the matter of Rules of Conduct for Lawyers Representing Children in Child Welfare Matters. ADKT 0601: In re: Amendment of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure Regarding the Placement of a Child in a Qualified Residential Treatment Program.

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Docket Number(s): ADKT 0598 and ADKT 0601
Date: 09/22/2022 Time: 3:00 pm Location: Carson City
Before the Court En Banc
Barbara Buckley
Paola Armeni
Buffy Okuma
Kelly Brandon
Deonne Contine
John Bradtke
Issac Rowe
Start Time Speaker Notes
3:06:17 PMChief Justice ParraguirreAdministrative case 598 called
3:06:40 PMJustice HardestyIntroduction
3:10:28 PMBarbara BuckleyPublic comment
3:20:11 PMPaola ArmeniPublic comment
3:22:00 PMBuffy Okuma Public comment
3:31:01 PMKelly BrandonPublic comment
3:41:44 PMDeonne ContinePublic comment
3:45:42 PMChief Justice Parraguirre Administrative case 601 called
3:46:06 PMJustice CadishIntroduction
3:47:41 PMJohn BradtkePublic comment
3:50:13 PMIssac RowePublic comment
3:54:53 PMChief Justice Parraguirre End administrative cases