ADKT 0479: In re Amendment to Supreme Court Rule 216 regarding IOLTA Accounts. ADKT 0542: In the Matter of the Critical Labor Shortage Desingnation. ADKT 0596: In the Matter of Amendments to Supreme Court Rule 44 Regarding the Appearance of Persons in The

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Docket Number(s): ADKT 0479 ADKT 0542 ADKT 0596
Date: 06/07/2022 Time: 1:30 P.M. Location: Las Vegas
Before the En Banc Court
Max Couvillier
Kim Blandino
Doreen Hartwell
Paul Matteoni
Ann Morgan
Jessica Gurley
Katherine Stocks
Stephanie McDonnald
Start Time Speaker Notes
1:30:42 PMChief Justice Parraguirre ADKT 479 Administrative case called
1:31:22 PMJustice Hardesty Introductory comments
1:34:58 PMMax CouvillierPublic comment
1:37:26 PMKim Blandino Public comment
1:40:52 PMDoreen HartwellPublic comment
1:42:56 PMPaul Matteoni Public comment
1:50:01 PMAnn MorganPublic comment
1:51:39 PMChief Justice Parraguirre ADKT 542 Administrative case called
1:52:16 PMJessica GurleyPublic comment
1:53:35 PMKim BlandinoPublic comment
1:56:39 PMChief Justice Parraguirre ADKT 596 Administrative case called
1:56:52 PMKatherine StocksPublic comment
1:59:41 PMStephanie McDonnaldPublic comment
2:03:12 PMKim BlandinoPublic comment
2:11:00 PMChief Justice Parraguirre Public comment