Meals and Incidentals

Reimbursement will be available to District Court Judges only; court masters may attend but will receive no reimbursement.

Incidental Expenses: The AOC will reimburse you for incidental expenses at $5.00 per day. Incidental expenses are costs incurred for fees relating to luggage carts, metered parking, toll charges, and tips. Receipts are not required.


The AOC has also waived the requirement of needing to travel at least 30 miles roundtrip from the primary workstation to receive reimbursement for meals not provided at the Seminar, or otherwise approved for reimbursement. The non-reimbursable meals provided during the Seminar include buffet breakfast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings, and the banquet dinner on Thursday night. Meals not provided will be reimbursed as outlined in the Nevada Supreme Court Travel Policy.

Travel times are no longer required to claim meals. If the meal is a reasonable business expense that was actually incurred, it may be claimed up to GSA rates for the travel destination may be claimed for meals - no receipt is required. See GSA website here for rates. If the claimant does not wish to look them up, the form includes the standard (lowest) GSA rate for each meal as a suggested amount. The standard GSA rate for each meal is $16.00/breakfast, $17.00/lunch, and $31.00/dinner for meals not provided by the State Bar of Nevada.