Ground Transportation

Reimbursement will be available to District Court Judges only; court masters may attend but will receive no reimbursement.

A ground transportation allowance (Uber/Lyft/ride sharing/taxi/rental) is established at $50 per day of travel with a maximum of $250.00 for the combined Family Law and District Court Judges event, and all documented tips for ride-share transportation may be claimed up to $5.00 per trip with a paid receipt. Include in the total amount claimed for Ground transportation.

The AOC Travel website has the most current policies and information.

The State has negotiated contracts with Hertz Corporation and Enterprise Rent-A-Car with assurances for: reasonable rates, first-dollar liability insurance without cost, and a full physical damage waiver with no deductible. Should the judge decide to rent a car from any company other than those with whom the State has contracts, AOC will not provide reimbursement for insurance or sales tax. Keep in mind, the judge and/or the judges' court, and not the AOC, will be at risk for collision claims and comprehensive losses (including theft) if a vehicle is rented from a company other than the contracted companies listed below. The fuel purchase option is not reimbursable. Travelers must refuel the rental car before returning to avoid penalty refueling costs. Remember, the receipt for fuel purchase is required for reimbursement. Extra rental accessory options such as roadside assistance, satellite radios, GPS, etc., are not reimbursable expenses.

Check for the specific rates at a given location, since rates may vary. Generally, absent unusual circumstances, AOC will reimburse rental car costs up to the ground transportation allowance at a maximum of $50/day. State of Nevada Rental Car Links and Information

Personal Vehicle Mileage: Personal vehicle mileage is reimbursed at $.67 per mile, round-trip directly from your listed court/home to the Aliante, for your travel.  However, if a less expensive method of travel is available and you are driving for your personal convenience, you will only be reimbursed at the GSA rate, round-trip, for your travel. Mileage reimbursement is from the official work station or home, whichever is less; use Google Maps mileage estimation from your office or home to your home airport or the Seminar site.