Air Travel

The Nevada Supreme Court Travel Policy requires travelers to pay for airline tickets in advance, seeking reimbursement on the claim for travel expense form (receipt required). Additionally, travelers are strongly encouraged to book plane reservations through Southwest Airlines' website at , using the "Wanna Get Away" fare, which should be approximately $350.00 or less, round trip, between Las Vegas and Reno. Airfare paid for priority seating or for priority security check-in, commonly referred to as "business select," is not reimbursable. Only "Anytime" or "Wanna Get Away" airfare will be reimbursed. Cancellation of flight reservations originally made through the Southwest website will remain as a credit for the traveler to use on a future flight within 1 year from the date the reservation was made. Reimbursement may not be claimed unless the travel is used for Nevada Supreme Court business.

Airport Parking: In order to be reimbursed for airport parking (at no more than $16.00 per day) the original airport parking receipts must be provided with your Claim for Travel Expense form. Please use long-term parking.