Pleading Instructions

For Microsoft Word 2003 and later, the following Legal Pleadings templates are available:

25 lines

28 lines

Microsoft Word 2000 has an automatic program that will create pleading paper and format your pleading at the same time. Note: This program is not available on the library’s computers. This guide is to help you create pleadings at home.

To use this program:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. On the FILE menu, click NEW
  3. Click the LEGAL PLEADINGS tab
  4. Double click PLEADING WIZARD. This will begin the “Pleading Wizard” program, which takes you step-by-step through creating your own pleading paper. Make sure you select the following values:
What do you want to do? Select: Create a new pleading template for another court. 
Click Next
Name of the Court: Type: In the First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada In and For Carson City 
Should be aligned?: Center 
Click Next
Page Settings: Font: Times New Roman 
Line Spacing: Double 
Lines Per Page: 8.5” x11 
Margins: One inch on all sides 
Click Next
Do you want line numbers? Yes 
Start pleading at line: 1 
Line numbers start at: 1 
Show line numbers in increments of: 1 
Click Next
Borders: Left: Double 
Right: Single 
Click Next
Caption Box: Style 1 
Click Next
Header & Footer: What information do you want at the beginning of the pleading?
    Attorney and firm names (Actually your name and address)
In the Footer?
    Summary of pleading title
    Page numbers
Click Next
Do you want a signature block? Yes 
Sign with: Plain 
Do: Not include firm name and address 
Include date line 
Click Next
File Name: Give your template a name like Carson City Court Pleadings Template
Click Next

The program will then take you through the steps to fill in information in the pleading caption. Make sure that you type the information in exactly as you want it to appear, such as in all capitals when appropriate.

These instructions are also available in pdf format.