This is a highlight of a new DUI graduate.

Second Judicial District court

We would like to highlight Larry, one of our Felony DUI Court graduates. Although Larry had a difficult time acclimating to the program and learning to adopt a life of sobriety, he ended up being one of our best success stories. It was his ability to persevere and forge through the difficult times that set him apart from those that were not as fortunate.

Larry came to Felony DUI Court, having had one of the highest blood alcohol contents we have seen during his instant offense, at .390. As you may imagine, he struggled throughout the first part of the program. He had several missed tests and missed compliance check-ins right after enrollment. He also failed to meet the required amount of counseling sessions during phase one. He had curfew violations when he was on the house arrest bracelet, which resulted in community service sanctions.

In November 2015, Larry tested positive for THC. Due to this positive test and numerous behavioral issues up to that point, he was remanded into custody and ordered to complete the Salvation Army Men's Program. He was transported to the Salvation Army in November 2015 and absconded from the program that same day. Subsequently, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Two month later in January 2016, Larry turned himself in at the specialty court office at District Court. He appeared in court and the Salvation Army was willing to let him back in to their program. He graduated their program seven months later, without any further noncompliance. It was reported that he was a model client.   

After completing the Salvation Army Program, Larry enrolled at the University of Nevada with aspirations of majoring in mechanical engineering.  While in school, he obtained employment at Tesla.  As a result, he was able to pay his restitution of $2,519 in full and paid off all fines and fees associated with the program, including $2,160 for the SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet and $3,100 for counseling fees, totaling over $7,500. Larry also completed 80 hours of community service in lieu of the $750.00 DUI fine that was assessed by his sentencing department.

Due to making a decision to turn his life around and getting serious about his recovery, Larry graduated Felony DUI Court in May 2018.  He then returned to his sentencing department and his felony charge was reduced to a second misdemeanor DUI. As a result, Larry does not have a felony on his record. 

Larry is a great example of hard work and persistent efforts. His story, like many others, which unfold in front of us each day, is the result of making a choice to place recovery above all else. It is the result of pushing through the difficult times in early recovery and the complacency that creeps in at the one and two year milestones. The Second Judicial District Court's Felony DUI Court program provides the structure and support required to help participants become successful in their recovery, but it is the courage, commitment, and capacity to change of participants like Larry, that allow us to highlight these successes.