Judicial Branch Legislation


The Legislation and Rules Committee is a standing committee of the Judicial Council of the State of Nevada.  The Committee is responsible for developing a coordinated strategy before and during legislative sessions; propose and review legislation affecting the judiciary as well as review and analyze proposed legislation submitted by the judiciary, executive branch, and local governments and other entities.

The committee consists of 14 members seven (7) members who are members of the JCSN, included in those seven (7) members shall be the chief justice, two district court judges, two limited jurisdiction judges, and two court administrators.  The Presidents of the Nevada District Judges Association and the Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction Association or their designees and the State Court Administrator shall be ex-officio members.  The remaining members of the Committee shall be selected from the courts at-large insuring appropriate representation from rural and urban courts and limited and general jurisdiction courts.

Per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 218D the Supreme Court may request the drafting of not more than 10 legislative measures including measures from the Commission on Judicial Discipline.  Before submitting the measures they must be approved by the Supreme Court on behalf of the Judicial Department.

The measures submitted by the Supreme Court for the 2023 Legislative Session are:

  • AB12 – Revises the required size of a jury for criminal actions in justice and municipal courts.
  • AB15 – Prescribes the manner for increasing the base salaries of district judges.
  • AB16 – Prescribes the manner for increasing the base salaries of justices of the Nevada Supreme Court and judges of the Nevada Court of Appeals
  • AB17 – Revises provisions relating to penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  • SB15 – Makes various changes related to guardianships.
  • SB55 – Revises various provisions relating to courts.
  • SB58 – Revises provisions related to the Judicial Department of the State Government.
  • SB62 – Revises provisions relating to the Commission on Judicial Discipline.
  • SB63 – Revises provisions relating to the Judicial Department of State Government.