The Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), has awarded nine Nevada courts with Trial Court Improvement Grants. The nine projects will improve access to court services, enhance security, or provide for training and possible certification of court interpreters.

The following courts will benefit from the funding:

  • Argenta Township Justice Court – $5,000 to purchase an interactive whiteboard to provide online treatment programs to domestic violence offenders.‎
  • Canal Township Justice Court – $21,224 to purchase a presentation system to display evidence in the courtroom.
  • East Fork Justice Court – $21,145 to purchase an evidence presentation system for the courtroom.
  • Esmeralda Township Justice Court – $5,536 to purchase and install an audio/visual recording system.
  • New River Township Justice Court – $16,625 to install a security barrier in the courthouse lobby and replace the rear public lobby door.
  • Tonopah Township Justice Court – $4,424 to upgrade the court’s current audio/visual recording system.
  • Fourth Judicial District Court – $5,250 to purchase and install a wireless microphone system in the Dept. 1 courtroom.
  • Ninth Judicial District Court – $2,500 to train and begin process to certify four court interpreters in Spanish.
  • Tenth Judicial District Court – $18,295 to replace metal detectors in the court’s lobby.

The AOC budgeted $100,000 to fund grant awards to Nevada trial courts. Nineteen grant requests, totaling $407,966.76, were submitted to the AOC Grant Program for funding during fiscal year 2020. The AOC Grant Review Board evaluated all the applications and recommended funding for these nine projects.