Appellate Courts News

  • Exhaustive Rule Changes Affect Nevada Civil Actions

    1/3/2019 11:07:08 AM
    The Supreme Court’s Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP) Committee has completed its exhaustive review resulting in changes to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP), the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure (NRAP), and the Nevada Electronic Filing and Conversion Rules (NEFCR).

  • Retiring Justices Strengthened Nevada Supreme Court

    1/3/2019 9:26:56 AM
    Chief Justice Michael L. Douglas and Associate Chief Justice Michael A. Cherry leave the bench in January 2018 after extensive careers as attorneys, judges, and justices. Both Justices acknowledge the body of their careers reveal an abundance of luck, passion, and a sense of duty to their communities and Nevada.

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