Amendments to the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

ADKT: 522

Rules Affected: Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure, and the Nevada Electronic Filing and Conversion Rules

Description: Amends the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure
Effective Date:

March 1, 2019
ADKT: 521

Rules Affected: NRCP 16.1, 16.2 and 16.205

Description: Repeals NRCP 16.1 and Amends NRCP 16.2 and 16.205
Effective Date:

May 1, 2017
ADKT: 517

Rules Affected: NRCP 8(a)

Description: Amends NRCP 8(a)
Effective Date:

January 27, 2017
ADKT: 511

Rules Affected: NRCP 16.1 and Supplement Drafter's Note

Description: Amends NRCP 16.1 and Supplement Drafter's Note
Effective Date:

July 5, 2016
ADKT: 502

Rules Affected: NRCP 16.215

Description: Adopts NRCP 16.215 regarding child witnesses
Effective Date:

July 22, 2015
ADKT: 488

Rules Affected: NRCP 58(e)

Description: Amends NRCP 58(e), regarding notice of entry of judgment
Effective Date:

September 29, 2014
ADKT: 487

Rules Affected: NRCP 30

Description: Amends NRCP 30
Effective Date:

May 1, 2014
ADKT: 487

Rules Affected: NRCP 30 and 34

Description: Amends NRCP 30, regarding depostions by oral examination and NRCP 34, producing documents, electronically stored information, and tangible things, or entering onto land, for inspection and other purposes.
Effective Date:

March 1, 2014
ADKT: 476

Rules Affected: NRCP 16.2 and NRCP 16.205

Description: Amends NRCP 16.2, regarding discovery in domestic relations matters, and adopts NRCP 16.205, regarding discovery in paternity or custody matters. *Effective date changed to January 1, 2013, per order entered 09/06/12*
Effective Date:

January 1, 2013
ADKT: 472

Rules Affected: NRCP 16.1

Description: Amends rule regarding pretrial disclosure with respect to expert witnesses
Effective Date:

October 1, 2012

Rules as published by the Legislature, prior to amendments

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