Rotunda Use Policy

Policy Statement:  The Nevada Supreme Court Rotunda is public property and may be used by non-governmental groups by permission of the court, if the activity furthers a clearly defined public purpose.   Examples include educational, informational, and historical programs. The use of the Rotunda as a facility to conduct special events is exclusively within the discretion of the court.  Other areas within the courthouse that may be considered for special events, but are subject to additional restrictions not necessarily outlined in this document.

This policy is designed to subject the usage of the Rotunda to specific guidelines and restrictions. The intent of this document is to present no additional liability to the State or the Nevada Supreme Court.  This policy shall govern the use of any public meeting areas.


General Policies:

  1. The Court reserves the right to impose reasonable time, place, and manner of use restrictions on the use of the Rotunda.
  2. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be booked more than one year in advance.
  3. Private individuals may not reserve the Rotunda.
  4. The Court retains the right to cancel any event at any time.
  5. The court is not responsible for any theft, destruction, damage, or loss of materials by any user of the court property or the associated facilities.
  6. Smoking or the use of tobacco products in the building is strictly prohibited.
  7. No weapons are allowed in the court house.   Law enforcement officers are required to check their weapons with the Capitol Police after entry.
  8. Any damage or vandalism to the building or any public areas may be subject to additional fees for replacement and/or repair.
  9. Any violations of statutes may be subject to prosecution.
  10. The Rotunda may not be used for profit or any political event.   No admittance fees can be charged.
  11. Any function held in the Rotunda must be open to the public.
  12. No permission  shall  be granted  to any individual or group  to enter  any secure  areas of the building  without  written authority  from the Clerk  of the Court or a Supreme Court Justice.
  13. All rooms shall comply with occupancy ratings and with all State Fire Marshall regulations.  Rotunda capacity is 275 persons.
  14. Court staff will coordinate with appropriate parties for setting up or dismantling of special events. The Court may recover fees as appropriate.
  15. The authorized user is required to provide his or her own equipment, including, but not limited to, easels, bulletin boards, and any audio visual aid equipment.
  16. The court does not supply catering services, linens, or any other equipment.
  17. No open flame cooking is allowed.  All food must be cooked in advance.
  18. Groups may not store any equipment or supplies on Court property prior to or after the event.
  19. The authorized user or caterer is responsible for cleaning floors and other spaces utilized for the event and shall ensure that all trash and debris is placed in the supplied containers.
  20. Groups must maintain a low noise level during normal business hours.  The Rotunda shall not be reserved while court room activities are being conducted.
  21. The authorized user shall supply the Court with one single point of contact.
  22. All caterers must contact the court Special Events Coordinator two weeks prior to the event at 775-684-1763.
  23. The Court does not advocate or endorse the viewpoint of any group using the building.
  24. Court Staff may enter and observe any function at any time.
  25. All minors must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  26. The Court is not responsible for parking.  There are several public parking lots within walking distance.
  27. The hours of operation for the Rotunda are 08:00am-07:00pm, Monday- Friday only.
  28. All events are monitored and/or recorded by Capitol Police surveillance system.


  1. All fire exits shall remain clear.  A minimum of four (4) feet must be available near all doors.  Doors and hallways shall not be blocked and all fire doors must remain closed.
  2. Hazardous materials shall not be brought into the building.  This shall include candles, helium balloons, and other flammable or combustible materials.  No corrosives, gases, or liquids that could endanger human life or damage public property are allowed.
  3. All boxes, containers, or items are subject to physical and/or electronic scanner searches.
  4. No signs or other items may be displayed without the express permission of the Clerk of the Court, the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts, or a Justice of the Supreme Court.

Booking Procedure:

  1. Contact the Clerk of the Court at 775-684-1600.
  2. Fill out and submit "Supreme Court of Nevada- Special Event Request Form".
  3. If approved, sign and submit copy of this policy.
  4. The Supreme Court Executive Committee has the right to over-ride all procedures and policies.

Rotunda Amenities:

  1. There are numerous electrical outlets available.
  2. The acoustics in the Rotunda is not suitable for a sound system.
  3. The Rotunda is equipped with a fire sprinkler system and a camera security system with Digital Video Recorders.

Fee Schedule:

  1. In accordance with ADKT No. 443 signed and filed on May 5, 2010, Exhibit A PART X. RULES GOVERNING THE COLLECTION OF FEES AND CHARGES Rule 2. (b) Authority.  The Administrative Office of the Courts, on behalf of the Court, has the authority to collect revenue from the following charges and fees: (3) other charges and fees authorized by the court for the proper administration of the Court in order to carry out its duties and responsibilities.
  2. Fees are charged to recoup any costs associated with set up or take down of materials and overtime for Capitol Police if the Court would incur any of these costs related to the event.  The amount charged will not exceed the costs incurred by the Court in relation to the event. Failure to pay these charges will result in revocation of privileges for future use of the facility. As noted, additional fees will be charged for damage or destruction of property.
  3. A schedule of possible fees is available upon request. An estimated cost may be provided before the event; however, actual costs will be charged.