Retiring Justice Mark Gibbons Honored by Judiciary Colleagues

12/23/2020 12:17:01 PM

Retiring Nevada Supreme Court Justice Mark Gibbons has been honored by his current and former law clerks and court co-workers with a memorial bench. The handcrafted, personalized bench has been placed in the Carson City Supreme Court courtyard so people can remember Justice Gibbons as a dedicated and just individual who devoted many years to the state of Nevada.

Justice Gibbons memorial bench Justice Gibbons memorial bench

Justice Gibbons' last day of serving on the bench will be January 4, 2021, capping a nearly 24-year career as a member of Nevada's judiciary. In recognition of his extraordinary service, Chief Justice Pickering has designated Justice Gibbons as Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, effective December 22, and ending on January 4, 2021. AO.19.MG.designate.CJ.pdf (

"When Chief Justice Gibbons announced he was retiring from the court effective January 4, 2021, his Law Clerks and I knew a typical gift would not suffice," said Gerri Biegler, Judicial Chambers Administrator. "Chief Justice Gibbons has been one of the most productive, structured, prepared, and kindest justices on the court. Those who loyally served him over the many years wanted to show the appreciation he deserves by creating a gift that is, like Chief Justice Gibbons himself, unique and humble. An honorable career memorialized in stone."

An array of people helped create and place this enduring gift and Justice Gibbons expresses his deep gratitude to them:

  • Justice Gibbons' amazing wife Sandra Gibbons and Gerri Biegler, his Judicial Chambers Administrator, for designing, organizing and coordinating bench efforts with everyone involved
  • Assistant Court Administrator John McCormick for all of the intricacies of procuring and obtaining necessary permissions to place the bench in the Carson City Supreme Court courtyard, and coordinating the shipment and arrival
  • Hans Jessup for creating the Supreme Court Seal artwork for the bench
  • State of Nevada Buildings and Grounds crew for extensive work placing the bench
  • The numerous law clerks who helped contribute to this gift:
Denise Adams - chambers second assistant throughout his tenure
Bryan Schwartz * Brandon Sendall *
Chelsea Lancaster * Tom Stewart *
Kacey Maher * Kristen Matteoni *
William Nobriga * Stephanie Glantz *
Miranda Smith * Nate Peterson *
Ryan Gormley * Eric Walther *
Kelly Owings * Greg Albert *
Maili Shaffer * Roxanne Riedle *
Ashley Nikkel * Ryan Henry *
Dora Lane * Jane Susskind
Tamara Reid * Sonia Williams *
Candice Renka * Bo Howell *
Erica Nannini * Casey Stiteler *
Carrie Parker * John Stephenson *
Paul Edwards * Jim Nelson *