Order Filed in ADKT 558 - July 2020 Nevada State Bar Examination

8/6/2020 9:52:59 AM

On August 5, 2020, an order was filed in ADKT 558. The court is not persuaded that it should join the small number of states that have elected to grant diploma privileges. We are persuaded, however, by the public comments expressing concern with the evolving instructions applicants have received, which the BBX must clarify and submit to the court for approval no later than close of business on Thursday, August 6. Accordingly, the court orders as follows: 1. The bar examination should proceed as rescheduled on August 11 and 12, 2020, using the software the Nevada BBX have used to administer the essay sessions for the last three Nevada bar exams; 2. Applicants may use outside materials to complete the exam but are prohibited from seeking or accepting assistance from any other individual during the exam except as provided in paragraph 4 below; 3. The Nevada BBX shall submit a clarified and final set of applicant instructions to the court for approval no later than Thursday, August 6, 2020; 4. The Nevada Board of Bar Examiners shall administer the exam in a manner consistent with this order and have available during the examination proctors and technical support for the examinees to communicate with by phone; 5. The petition to reconsider our May 20, 2020 order declining to grant diploma privileges is denied; and 6. Applicants who cannot take the bar examination on the rescheduled dates may elect to withdraw and receive a full refund or reschedule for the February 2021 examination with no additional fee.


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