Nevada Judiciary Awarded a State Justice Institute Grant

7/19/2021 9:57:56 AM

The Nevada Judiciary has been awarded a State Justice Institute (SJI) $50,000 technical assistance grant to engage the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) in assisting the state's leadership judges and administrators in a collaborative planning process to develop a strategic campaign agenda. The Nevada Judiciary will provide a cash match of $5,000 and an in-kind services match of $20,000. This effort will include participation from jurists, trial and appellate court staff, justice system partners, court users, practicing lawyers and other stakeholders.  The project is expected to last nine months.

The goal is to institute a strategic campaign to guide the Court toward sustainable improvements gained over the last year and a half. The Pandemic Rapid Response Team (RRT), a group of chief justices and state court administrators established in March 2020, has created a roadmap to help state courts move forward during the pandemic and looking ahead post-pandemic. The themes from the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA) Rapid Response Team's Guiding Principles for Post-Pandemic Court Technology are the framework for discussion and consideration of the court's plan. Technology themes were important before the pandemic, but now provide an opportunity to revitalize the purpose of our Court and Judicial Council.

There will be four phases of the project that will identify sustainable improvements through a variety of research and experiences, which will lead to finalizing and publishing a strategic campaign.

The NCSC is an independent, nonprofit court improvement organization founded at the urging of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren E. Burger.  He envisioned NCSC as a clearinghouse for research information and comparative data to support improvement in judicial administration in state courts.

Over twenty years ago, the Institute for Court Management merged with NCSC, adding an educational curriculum especially designed for court managers.  In the early 1990s, an international division was formed to offer a similar array of research, consulting, education, and information services to strengthen the rules of law in countries around the world.

All of NCSC's services - research, information services, education, consulting - are focused on helping courts plan, make decisions, and implement improvements that save time and money, while ensuring judicial administration that supports fair and impartial decision-making.

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