NACE Award Recognizes Nevada Supreme Court as 2015 Court of the Year

3/25/2016 10:05:20 AM

The Nevada Association of Court Executives (NACE) has awarded the Supreme Court of Nevada, Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), with its 2015 Court of the Year Award for Nevada. The award recognizes the Supreme Court for creating the Nevada Court of Appeals in less than two months and allowing the court to hear cases in January 2015.

Justice James W. Hardesty (left) accepts the NACE 2015 Court of the Year Award from NACE President Randall Soderquist (right).

“The work you did with the Court of Appeals is amazing,” said Randall Soderquist, NACE President. “All of the work and effort you put in to getting the court up and running in such a short amount of time is recognized. To have it start hearing cases and issuing opinions has helped the judicial system in Nevada to move forward.”

The Nevada Court of Appeals added an appellate court in January 2015 signifying the start of a new era in Nevada justice. Nevada voters approved the creation of the court in November 2014 by allowing an amendment to Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution.

The Nevada Supreme Court assigns cases to the Court of Appeals in a deflective model. The goal of the court is to reduce a sizeable backlog in appellate cases and, eventually, shortening the time for resolution of all appeals in Nevada.

“The Court of Appeals is going to help the state of Nevada immensely and without all of the help of our staff it never would have happened,” said Chief Justice Ron D. Parraguirre.

“This is not an award for the Justices but an award for the staff of the Supreme Court,” said Justice James W. Hardesty, who advocated for the creation of the court and served as Chief Justice in 2015. “In two short months, the staff of the Supreme Court implemented a brand new court, including but not limited to, setting up offices, computers, a case management system, budgets, court rules, filing procedures, and the investitures of the new judges. The completion of these tasks and many more enabled the court of appeals to commence operations on time and within budget.”

Many Supreme Court employees were tasked with forming the Court. Offices and staff for the new judges were obtained in Las Vegas, as well as the design of a new case management system in Carson City. Education and training related to the processes and procedures of the Court also were established.

The Court of Appeals consists of Chief Judge Michael P. Gibbons, Judge Jerome T. Tao, and Judge Abbi Silver who were appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval in December 2014.

NACE is a professional organization that promotes quality court management and leadership through education, best practices, and process improvements resulting in the effective delivery of services to judicial stakeholders and public.