Justice Mark Gibbons to Retire from Nevada Supreme Court

12/21/2020 12:32:08 PM

Nevada Supreme Court Justice Mark Gibbons will be retiring from the Nevada Supreme Court in January 2021, capping a nearly 24-year career as a member of Nevada's judiciary. Justice Gibbons was first elected to the Nevada Supreme Court in 2002, making him the longest serving of the high court's current seven members.

Chief Justice Gibbons Chief Justice Gibbons

Justice Gibbons was sworn into the Nevada Supreme Court on January 6, 2003. During his tenure at the Nevada Supreme Court, he served as chief justice and head of the Nevada Judiciary in 2008, 2014, and 2019. He saw firsthand the challenges that addictions and mental illness brought to our neighborhoods, and how those issues translated into packed courthouses and correctional facilities. His service as the co-chair to the Specialty Court Funding Committee helped to ensure that nearly every community in Nevada has access to a specialty court program enabling program participants to break free from addictions and to reduce recidivism and imprisonment. Justice Gibbons also served on a number of other committees and commissions including:

  • Chairman of the Information Technology Steering Committee whose mission is to provide advice and recommendations on the overall priorities for information technology projects for the Nevada Supreme Court.
  • Member of the three-justice Executive Committee of the Nevada Supreme Court in 2005-08, 2013-14, 2017, 2019 and 2020
  • Served on the Nevada Supreme Court Electronic Filing Committee - the committee established procedures to allow attorneys and litigants to file court documents by computer so it would not be necessary to file paper documents with the Supreme Court Clerk's Office
  • Chairman of the Foreclosure Mediation Rules Committee - this committee consisted of property owners, bank attorneys, title company representatives and professional mediators. The committee drafted rules and forms to implement the procedures for foreclosure mediation established by the Nevada Legislature
  • Co-chair of the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure Revision Committee in 2018.

"Justice Gibbons has served Nevada with dignity, grace, and humility," said Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Kristina Pickering. "He has been one of the most productive and energetic justices the court has had-always prepared and always pushing to reach the correct result in a timely, fair, and principled way. Justice Gibbons is a deeply courteous and kind human being-even in disagreement or dissent. It has been a privilege to serve with such a distinguished and remarkable man."

"I've had the honor and privilege to help establish the law through the Nevada Supreme Court," Justice Gibbons said. "The judicial system has faced some challenges in my time on the bench, but I believe the present court members will continue to excel for the state of Nevada for many years to come."