Congratulations to Chief Justice Hardesty for Being Honored at the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV 2021 Barrister’s Ball

4/12/2021 12:17:31 PM

Justice HardestyNevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Hardesty was the recipient of the Justice Award at the 2021 Barrister's Ball. The event was held on Saturday, April 10, the virtual ceremony was presented by the William S. Boyd School of Law Student Bar Association Board of Governors. Barrister's Ball is the year-end event for the law school, celebrating another academic year filled with accomplishments, and awarding esteemed members of the law school and local community.

The purpose of the Student Bar Association is to act as a means for student self-governance. It provides an effective medium for the expression of student views and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. The SBA also sponsors such activities as may be deemed beneficial to the Law School community, and specifically to the students.

Student Bar Association Executive Board 2020-21

Reema Hassanieh, President

Jorge "Coco" Padilla, Vice President (Full-Time)

Nicole Weis, Vice President (Part-Time)

Brandon Rusk, Executive Treasurer

Karyna Armstrong, Executive Secretary

Valentina Ortega, 4L Full-Time Representative

Jazmine Thompson, 3L Full-Time Representative

Eric Watson, 3L Part-Time Representative

Tanner Castro, 2L Full-Time Representative

Jake Ward, 2L Part-Time Representative

Servando Martinez, 1L Full-Time Representative

Connor Riddle, 1L Full-Time Representative

Asma Khan, 1L Part-Time Representative

Natasha Sharma, Transfer Student Representative

Kathryn Coffman, LLM Representative

Isaac Hagerbaumer, Graduate and Professional Student Association Representative

Keegan Muller, Alumni Representative

Kiley Harrison, Alumni Representative