Thursday, April 8, 2021-Carson City-Full Court

Docket Number: 81730
Carson City - 10:00 A.M. - En Banc

This petition for a writ of prohibition concerns the State Bar of Nevada’s attempt to discipline an out-of-state law firm. The Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board panel concluded that the State Bar had disciplinary jurisdiction and specific personal jurisdiction over the out-of-state law firm because the law firm advertised on national cable television and some of those advertisements appeared in Nevada, and the firm represented a Nevada resident who responded to such an advertisement in a defective products liability case. Petitioners seek a writ of prohibition directing the State Bar to dismiss the disciplinary complaint.


The issues in this petition are whether the disciplinary panel properly concluded that the State Bar had disciplinary jurisdiction over petitioners’ conduct in representing a Nevada resident and specific personal jurisdiction over petitioners through their contact with Nevada.


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