ADKT 534: In re Amendments to Supreme Court Rule 79

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Docket Number(s): ADKT 534:
Date: 07/18/2018 Time: 3:00 P.M. Location: Carson City
Before the En Banc Court
Gene Leverty
Robert Eglet
Kevin Powers
Peter Newman
Krystal Kemp
Derek Gravenhaultz
Michael Warhola
Barney Ales
Start Time Speaker Notes
3:13:02 PMChief Justice Douglas Administrative case called
3:14:10 PMGene LevertyPublic comment
3:54:42 PMRobert EgletPublic comment
4:07:06 PMKevin PowersPublic comment
4:14:42 PMPeter NewmanPublic comment
4:18:16 PMKrystal KempPublic comment
4:19:56 PMDerek GravenhaultzPublic comment
4:24:20 PMMichael WarholaPublic comment
4:32:36 PMBarney AlesPublic comment
4:34:25 PMChief Justice DouglasClosing remarks
4:43:07 PMChief Justice DouglasAdministrative case concluded