ADKT 499: In the matter of Amendments to Supreme Court Rules 207-215

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Docket Number(s): ADKT 499
Date: 11/05/2018 Time: 3:00 P.M. Location: Carson City
Before the En Banc Court
Members of the public
Start Time Speaker Notes
3:14:12 PMChief Justice DouglasAdministrative case called
3:14:43 PMJustice HardestyIntroductory remarks
3:21:18 PMJustice GibbonsIntroductory remarks
3:23:15 PMJenny HubachPublic comment
3:50:41 PMRichard PockerPublic comment
4:05:46 PMChristopher LalliPublic comment
4:12:31 PMJoNell ThomasPublic comment
4:17:52 PMJohn PiroPublic comment
4:26:01 PMJohn ArrascadaPublic comment
4:29:18 PMGianna VernessPublic comment
4:35:01 PMLynne SimonsPublic comment
4:41:45 PMPeter GoatzPublic comment
4:45:53 PMChief Justice DouglasEnd Administrative case