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81129 U.S. Bank N.A. vs. Thunder Properties, Inc. (NRAP 5)

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Docket Number(s): 81129
Date: 06/29/2021 Time: 11:30 A.M. Location: Las Vegas
Before the En Banc Court, Chief Justice Hardesty Presiding
Ariel E. Stern, as counsel for Appellant
Jacqueline A. Gilbert, as counsel for Respondent
Start Time Speaker Notes
11:31:49 AMChief Justice HardestyCase called
11:33:03 AMAriel E. Sternas counsel for Appellant
11:43:35 AMJacqueline A. Gilbertas counsel for Respondent
11:59:18 AMAriel E. Sternas counsel for Appellant
12:07:23 PMChief Justice HardestyEnd argument, case submitted