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80911 Southwest Gas Corp. vs. Pub. Utilities Comm'n of Nev.

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Docket Number(s): 80911
Date: 09/10/2021 Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: Las Vegas
Before the En Banc Court, Chief Justice Hardesty Presiding
Daniel F. Polsenberg, as counsel for Appellant
Abraham G. Smith, as counsel for Appellant
Whitney F. Digesti, as counsel for Respondent
Matthew S. Fox, as counsel for Respondent
Laura K. Granier, as counsel for Amicus Curiae
Start Time Speaker Notes
10:01:28 AMChief Justice HardestyCase called
10:31:51 AMDaniel F. Polsenbergas counsel for Appellant
10:54:52 AMMatthew S. Foxas counsel for Respondent
11:15:13 AMWhitney F. Digestias counsel for Respondent
11:20:36 AMLaura K. Granieras counsel for Amicus Curiae
11:25:26 AMDaniel F. Polsenbergas counsel for Appellant
11:29:24 AMChief Justice HardestyEnd argument, case submitted