Cox vs. MGM Grand Hotel, LLC

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Docket Number(s): 76422
Date: 09/17/2020 Time: 10:30AM Location: Las Vegas
Before the Southern Nevada Panel, Justice Gibbons Presiding
Brian K. Harris, as counsel for Appellants
Harris, as counsel for Appellants
Benedict P. Morelli, as counsel for Appellants
Perry S. Fallick, as counsel for Appellants
Jerry C. Popovich, as counsel for Respondents
Howard J. Russell, as counsel for Respondents
Daniel F. Polsenberg, as counsel for Respondents
Philip M. Mannelly, as counsel for Amicus Curiae
Elaine K. Fresch, as counsel for Respondents
Start Time Speaker Notes
10:45:11 AMJustice GibbonsCase called
10:47:11 AMHeather Harrisas counsel for Appellants
11:06:22 AMDan Polsenbergas counsel for Respondents
11:18:38 AMElaine K. Freschas counsel for Respondents
11:25:37 AMJerry C. Popovichas counsel for Respondents
11:28:35 AMHoward J. Russellas counsel for Respondents
11:34:04 AMHeather Harrisas counsel for Appellants
11:44:07 AMJustice GibbonsEnd argument, case submitted